IR Laser Illuminated Portable Night Vision System

  • 7″ NTSC LCD
  • 850nm diode @ 250mA = 160mW output power (bare diode in pressfit heatsink without optics)
  • 1A Li-ion charger
  • 2x 18650 li-ion batteries
  • 1 lm3914 as bargraph battery fuel gauge
  • Texas Instruments PTN04050CAM boost converter  (3.7v boosted to 12v)
  • 1 CMOS b/w camera (no IR filter)
  • keylock switch for laser on/off
  • 1 desktop slant enclosure
  • custom made lm317 adjustable current regulator / driver for laser diode.
  • Aux video input
  • charging port
  • Aux power input (12v from cig. lighter outlet, or small SLA battery)
  • on/off switch for unit

IMG_20140204_120014_007 IMG_20140204_120024_111 IMG_20140204_120135_515 IMG_20140204_120036_520 IMG_20140204_120145_653

will update the pics and details as i get further along. today i made mounts for the camera and for the IR laser diode with heat-sink. both have found a home inside the housing. only problem was bleed over IR light from the diode. i put a piece of black foam cut to fit in between the diode and camera. problem solved.








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